Cin cin! Salute! Cheers! A scene from our last visit to Rusticanella 2 in Lucca, Italy seemed the appropriate way to say: Wishing you all a safe, happy, and healthy Memorial Day. Now – get out there and get your grill on!

Fresh, local, seasonal…..words we hear a lot in the US lately. In Italy, these are words that are not new to them – this is how they shop, eat, and enjoy healthy meals. Let’s walk around the market and decide what will tempt us today…. How about some sliced meats, if we are feeling like […]

With nearly perfect weather, Spring vegetables on the menu, and festivals galore, what’s not to love about Lucca, Italy? Let’s take a walk around town to enjoy the views. How about lunch at gli Orti di Via Elisa? Spring Vegetable Soup for one, please. After a walk around the wall….. …..with a view of the […]

…….I would probably have joined the Army! Little did I know, there is a U.S. base just outside of Pisa, Italy, in the Livorno area. Even has a work out building. And history galore! Hope you read this, like we did, to learn more about Camp Darby. Always a learning experience when we travel. Italy […]

Join us for lunch, won’t you? After visiting the Museo Piaggio in Pontedera, Italy, we followed our noses down the street. Our noses took us to Ci Ritorno, a pizzeria and griglieria. Fabulous luck for us, as we relaxed with the locals and took our seats. Here is a look at one cute way to […]

What’s on the menu at Rusticanella 2 in Lucca, Italy, one of our favorite places to eat dinner? Lots of fun, that’s for sure! We met a really nice couple from Colorado there, (Richard and Susan) and introduced them to bistecca. How’s THIS for a tasty little hunk of dinner love?

Each time we are lucky enough to visit Italy, we plan a stop over in Milan at the StarHotels-Anderson. Located a few steps from Milano Centrale (central train station), the hotel offers a great night’s sleep, wonderful bar, and tasty items in the restaurant. Best of all, we’ve become friends with Giovanni, who manages the […]

Some of Hubby’s favorite items to capture on “film” throughout Italy are the incredible array of doors and their knockers. Most serve a simple purpose – to allow someone, at some point in time, to actually KNOCK on a door! Imagine that, right? This one, as serious as his regal expression seems, has become a Junk […]

Sad news of bad weather around Lucca, Italy. Our friend, Debra, has a home there and has been keeping us updated on her blog. Read more here. Bagni di Lucca and Beyond Things have settled down in Bagni Di Lucca and the clean up is well underway. Most of the damage here has been to roofs, […]

Last visit to Italy, we bought some “farina di ceci” – better known to you and I as chickpea flour.  Used in Pisa and Lucca to make “cecina” (chickpea flatbread), very simple ingredients are mixed together to make a flatbread. It is baked on a pizza pan, and turned into a snack that is perfect as […]