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Conti Tuscany Flavors – Let’s All Go Shopping!!!

First off – let me state a fact: If you can’t find something from Conti Tuscany Flavours (here’s their Facebook Page) to pack in your suitcase by which to remember Florence, Italy…well my dears, there is no shopping hope for you! I’m just saying…bring on the bubble wrap and let’s go browsing! Located close to Mercato Centrale (home of the Conti […]

Bella Lucca!

With nearly perfect weather, Spring vegetables on the menu, and festivals galore, what’s not to love about Lucca, Italy? Let’s take a walk around town to enjoy the views. How about lunch at gli Orti di Via Elisa? Spring Vegetable Soup for one, please. After a walk around the wall….. …..with a view of the […]

If Only I’d Known……

…….I would probably have joined the Army! Little did I know, there is a U.S. base just outside of Pisa, Italy, in the Livorno area. Even has a work out building. And history galore! Hope you read this, like we did, to learn more about Camp Darby. Always a learning experience when we travel. Italy […]

Feeling The Love – With a Bright Red Heart

Some of Hubby’s favorite items to capture on “film” throughout Italy are the incredible array of doors and their knockers. Most serve a simple purpose – to allow someone, at some point in time, to actually KNOCK on a door! Imagine that, right? This one, as serious as his regal expression seems, has become a Junk […]

What’s on the Menu at Cooking School Today?

Curious about what goes on at Cooking School in Lucca? How about a behind the scenes look at the action-packed kitchen? (In case you missed our last post about our cooking adventures, take a look here.) Today, we’re ready to cook and (of course!) eat the results. Today’s menu consists of L’uovo magico (and when I show […]

Cooking School Adventures in Lucca, Italy

To enjoy eating in Italy is one thing – learning to actually COOK the dishes, then creating them once home is yet ANOTHER thing. An annual adventure at the International Academy of Italian Cuisine in Lucca, Italy is always a welcome delight. Chef Gianluca Pardini and his team have put together a world class “scuola […]

Taking an Italian Lunch Break

Tired of the Leaning Tower, hawkers trying to sell you a cheap souvenir, and way too many tourists in way too many lines? Then it’s time for a lunch break where the “locals” eat – Ristorante Galileo. Perfect for lunch (or dinner), in Pisa, Italy. With an ever-changing selection of homemade “fast food” for a set price […]

Join us – let’s visit Fulat in Pisa, Italy

It was our lucky day as we stumbled upon Fulat in Pisa, Italy. Located on Lungarno Mediceo 46, Fulat is comprised of a one room store and bar. The owner has created an intimate environment for enjoying a glass of wine, a Panini, or a local craft beer. While you are there, shop a little and […]

Dreaming Of Warmer Weather

‘Tis the season – for frigid weather in the Southern USA. Even though we get maybe one month of cold, and a few weeks of icy cold, weather, it is NOT the time of year that I enjoy. Later this week, overnight temps here in Atlanta will be in the mid teens…yes, you read that right – Mid Teens! […]

In Case You Were Wondering….

How all of those fabulous photos are gathered while we are on vacation in Italy? Take a look, as The Hubby demonstrates how to eat dinner…which can be an issue since we always want to share the food and the events we attend with each of you here as well as on our other blog, […]