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Time for Dinner in Florence, Italy

Florence, Italy will steal your heart – in so many ways! One of those ways is the familiarity of people that we’ve been so lucky to meet, and thus become friends with, over our years of visiting. Included among those friends are the family at Trattoria Roberto, one of our favorite dinner spots. Here’s the […]

Bistecca Anyone?

Hungry for a bit of meat?…..When you crave a thick, perfectly cooked Bistecca, and just happen to be in Lucca, Italy, stop by Rusticanella 2 for dinner. Mention that you know “The Paparazzo” and you are ensured of getting a great seat in the house – enjoy!!

Lusting For Dessert In Italy

Why, hello, everyone! Yes, it’s been a while…sure hope this was worth the wait! Last time we met, we were just about to lick our plates finish our dinner at Black Bar and Restaurant at the StarHotels – Anderson in Milan, Italy. (In case you missed it, click here for the post.) Yes, I know….I left you hanging […]

Bella Lucca!

With nearly perfect weather, Spring vegetables on the menu, and festivals galore, what’s not to love about Lucca, Italy? Let’s take a walk around town to enjoy the views. How about lunch at gli Orti di Via Elisa? Spring Vegetable Soup for one, please. After a walk around the wall….. …..with a view of the […]

Lunch Date In Pontedera, Italy

Join us for lunch, won’t you? After visiting the Museo Piaggio in Pontedera, Italy, we followed our noses down the street. Our noses took us to Ci Ritorno, a pizzeria and griglieria. Fabulous luck for us, as we relaxed with the locals and took our seats. Here is a look at one cute way to […]

Is This Steak Large Enough For You?

What’s on the menu at Rusticanella 2 in Lucca, Italy, one of our favorite places to eat dinner? Lots of fun, that’s for sure! We met a really nice couple from Colorado there, (Richard and Susan) and introduced them to bistecca. How’s THIS for a tasty little hunk of dinner love?

Great Food with Great Friends

Each time we are lucky enough to visit Italy, we plan a stop over in Milan at the StarHotels-Anderson. Located a few steps from Milano Centrale (central train station), the hotel offers a great night’s sleep, wonderful bar, and tasty items in the restaurant. Best of all, we’ve become friends with Giovanni, who manages the […]

Taking an Italian Lunch Break

Tired of the Leaning Tower, hawkers trying to sell you a cheap souvenir, and way too many tourists in way too many lines? Then it’s time for a lunch break where the “locals” eat – Ristorante Galileo. Perfect for lunch (or dinner), in Pisa, Italy. With an ever-changing selection of homemade “fast food” for a set price […]

A Novel Idea for Your Cork Collection

Who ever thought of this crafty idea?!? Genius! Don’t know if you are like us, but there seem to be a ton several corks at our house at any given time. (It would sure take a lot of menus to use up all of the corks we seem to collect around here……) Repurposing at its best!

Don’t You Wish it Were This Easy?

Homemade Orecchiette . Tasty. Filling. Flexible. Looks simple enough, right? For this pro anyway! Chef Peppino makes it look easy as he demonstrates his craft at Tratorria La Luna Piena in Milan, Italy. Rolling   Cutting Shaping Voila! Then serving. Can’t wait to dive in!