About Us

Welcome to Come Follow Me to Italy, where we hope to share some of our favorites photos, food finds, and special moments enjoyed during our visits to Italy.

Come with us on a journey – either real or imagined – as we savor food & wine delights and new discoveries. We’ll even throw in some travel tips to help you when you go for a visit!

Since Hubby has a passion for photography, he will showcase some of his favorite shots – I hope to add a bit of dialogue that chronicles all of those magical times that he captures on “film”.

Food is our passion – eating, cooking, and sharing with friends ( both at home and in Italy) – so we’ll show you the foods that we love, the restaurants we enjoy, and maybe even some wine…that you can count on!!

And if you are inspired, come join us on a journey. We welcome your inquiries, and hope that by sharing our love of Italy, at some point you just might want to tag along…..how fun would that  be?…

Ciao! Buon Viaggio!



  1. Hi,your blog very wonderful.I already follow your blog.
    Could you please visit my blog at

    and could you please follow and comment what about it?

    It’s my project at University.Every Follows and Comments is my scores.
    Thank you very much

    1. Thanks for the follow. I’ll be sure to take a look around your blog and comment. Good luck with your project!

  2. Susan & Wade, it’s Meg from Florence for Free! Could we get your email address? We’d love to send you something. Thanks!

    1. Absolutely. Our personal ones are: susan58@earthlink.net and wadenc@earthlink.net
      When are you in Italy again? Fun!!

  3. thanks! we’ve just emailed you from our FFF gmail account.

    1. Thanks. Got it. Hope we can connect!

  4. Great blog. I’m taking a virtual trip to Italy. I haven’t been since college and unfortunately I didn’t have a taste for great food at the time. Hope to back and do it right. Thanks for posting!

    1. Thanks for the nice compliment. Glad you could go to Italy today – LOL! Hope you do get to go back “in person” to enjoy all it has to offer.

  5. Hello,
    Our mutual friend, Elisa, told me about your blog…it’s great! Thanks for all the good tips!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoy reading our info. Elisa is fabulous: she’s a great friend, always a positive attitude, and super at planning fun adventures for us each time we visit Italy. Do you write a blog? If so, send me info so I can read it, too. Take care!

  6. Hi Susan & Wade,

    I really like your blog! The two of you seem to have had a lot of great experiences in Italy (and elsewhere abroad, too, I’m sure). Have you been to Sicily by any chance? I will be in Palermo for several days at the end of June and I was wondering if you had any travel advice. Places to visit, restaurants to dine at, and so on. If so, I would love for you to share with me. Cheers!

    1. Hi, Adam, and thanks for the compliments! Sorry, as we have not visited Palermo, so not much help from us. Mostly, we have visited Lucca, Pisa, Florence, Rome, and Milan. If you are close to those cities, would be delighted to help out.

      1. Ahh, I see. I may not be back in Italy for a while, but next time I’ll be sure to take you up on the offer! Thanks!

      2. Please do! Love to assist other lover’s of Italy – enjoy your trip!!

  7. Rachel Marie · · Reply

    Hi there! I love the title image of your blog – the mozzarella and the color of the tomatoes paired with a glass of wine. The simple pleasures of living in Italy! 🙂

    1. Thanks to my hubby for being the great picture taker among us….LOL! That is a great little wine bar in Florence that we love to visit each year. Always a fun time!

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