Simple Appetizer Magic

Sometimes, the simplest of items make the best dish. Take this for example…

Pear Appetizer Plate

Simple ingredients allowed to do what they do best – that is: entice us to eat a small sampling to get our tummies ready for dinner! And this sure fit the bill, when our friends joined us to cook out.

Juicy, ripe pears sliced and wrapped with salty prosciutto then drizzled in honey….

Pear Appetizer Close up

Smile, Mr. Pear – it’s time for your close up!

See his little friend, the blue cheese? Yes, that’s just enough of a bite to really wake up your mouth with a jolt of flavor.

Did anyone notice the dried fig? Fresh ones are always our first choice, but since these were in the ‘fridge…well, you know…they did not want to be left out of the party!

A little puddle of balsamic glaze for good measure…..

Shall we dive in now, or just talk about it more??!!!?? Let’s eat!

Pear Appetizer Ready to Enjoy


  1. Pears and prosciutto are a great combination, adding honey really enhances it all.

    1. Honey is the best on cheeses – the impact on the taste buds is fabulous! Thanks for stopping by. How’s the new home? Getting settled in?

  2. You’e got it – simple but absolutely perfect. I’m such a fan of wrapping proscuitto around anything! Love the grave idea.

    1. I’m with you on the prosciutto wrapped world!! LOL!

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