Scenes From the Markets in Italy

Fresh, local, seasonal…..words we hear a lot in the US lately. In Italy, these are words that are not new to them – this is how they shop, eat, and enjoy healthy meals.

Let’s walk around the market and decide what will tempt us today….

WC093455 (2)

WC093472 (2)

WC093446 (2)

How about some sliced meats, if we are feeling like a “short cut” to dinner tonight and want a Panini?

DSCN1424 (2)

Or some meat, already stuffed, sliced, skewered, and ready for the grill?

DSCN1453 (2)

Even this shopper’s helper is patiently waiting until their number is called by the butcher….

WC113162 (2)

And this handsome man can certainly tempt us with his wares! How’s that for fresh cheese?

WC113477 (2)

Buon Appetito! Tough choices, for sure!



  1. I love to see the food displayed here…so many good things to choose from.

    1. Always so fresh…hard to select just a few items though!

  2. very nice capture

    1. Thanks for the nice comment. The Hubby is the photographer for all of our pics. He has a true love for it. Thanks for stopping in!

      1. I like your posts

  3. Great market wandering. I love that shopper’s helper although it looks like he’s been getting a few freebies from the butcher.

    1. That little helper sat so still and patient as Momma shopped…obviously not his first time to market!

  4. Isn’t Italy so happy always? Your photography is great!

    1. Thanks for the nice compliment – Hubby loves to take photos and capture our fun trips.

      1. Thank yoy for coming to visit my blog. Lovely pictures il say again. Ciao!

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