Bella Lucca!

With nearly perfect weather, Spring vegetables on the menu, and festivals galore, what’s not to love about Lucca, Italy?

Let’s take a walk around town to enjoy the views. How about lunch at gli Orti di Via Elisa?

Via Elisa Table View

Spring Vegetable Soup for one, please.

Via Elisa Zuppa Before

After a walk around the wall…..

IMGP0340 (2)

…..with a view of the city….


……it’s time for a beer and glass of wine at Rusticanella 2.


With all of this walking, you have certainly earned a bit of dessert, right?

Elisa dessert

All of these pictures of food have made me hungry, so off to the gelato store! Ciao for now!



  1. Thank you for sharing! I created a new blog last month called Real Life Natural Wife! I really enjoyed yours. Come check out my new post and leave me a comment with your thoughts!

    1. Done! I’ve taken a look and will be back for me. Thanks for stopping in for a read.

  2. What a wonderful looking place. Makes me want to go somewhere with a much slower pace of life where you can enjoy fresh food and a beautiful day.

    1. You are so correct on the freshness of the food and the pace being slower. Of course, it’s easy when on vacation to indulge!! LOL!

  3. Susan Williams · · Reply

    Cold and rainy here in Colorado, I am pulling out my cooking school recipes and making memories of Lucca.

    1. Buon appetitio! Those food tastes sure do get into our memory banks, and need to be retrieved a lot!! Keep in touch.

  4. Ha! I think I’ve earned that dessert for just looking at the beautiful views.

    1. Indeed! All of that looking uses a TON of calories…

  5. Debbie Kendall · · Reply

    Hi Susan, after your recommendation we enjoyed dinner at Rusticanella – had the lucchese meatballs and peas. Deb and Mark from Australia

    1. Ciao! Hope your trip has gone very well and you are enjoying all of your time there. So glad you went to Rusticanella. Keep in touch and let me know of any other food finds that I need to “test out”! LOL! Safe travels.

  6. I love Gli Orti di Via Elisa-I stay not far from there and always eat there at least once.

    1. Such a great place to eat and relax, in such a beautiful area of Lucca. We stay at Albergo San Martino, behind the church, if you ever need an alternate place to stay. Must meet there one year….November? We’re back for more!

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