Lunch Date In Pontedera, Italy

Join us for lunch, won’t you? After visiting the Museo Piaggio in Pontedera, Italy, we followed our noses down the street. Our noses took us to Ci Ritorno, a pizzeria and griglieria. Fabulous luck for us, as we relaxed with the locals and took our seats.

Ci Ritorno Sign

Here is a look at one cute way to “paint” your walls: cans of tomatoes “splashed” on the wall. What a super creative idea! The Team is so attentive, with a true passion for what they do: provide fresh food, at a great price, in a cool and creative environment. And they accomplish this with much success – while clearly having a good time.

Ci Ritorno Walls

First up: the food… do we decide?? OK…let’s start by agreeing to share a pizza (topped with prosciutto, funghi, mozzarella, and pomodori), and a tasty plate of pappardelle con cinghiale.

Ci Ritorno Pizza

Ci Rirtorno Cinghiale

Don’t you wish we had “mozzarella di bufala” like this in the U.S.? Melt in your mouth…

Ci Rirtorno - Mozzarella

Thanks to the team (Giuseppe, our waiter; Thomas, the chef; and Sandra, the “Boss Lady”) for making our visit to Pontedera a special one! Our meal was flavorful, the service outstanding, and the restaurant itself decorated with a playful flair.

Ci Ritorno Team

Grazie Mille for making this a special lunch!



  1. This looks like a great place for lunch.

    1. The décor and upbeat people really made it special. Plus the food was great!

  2. What a fun place and a great looking lunch. You sure do find the good ones over there.

    1. It was indeed an unexpected delight – the Museum was much more than I could have imagined, then a great lunch to top it all off.

  3. Ciao, when will you visit Pistoia & meet me?
    Are you already in Tuscany at the present?
    If you like to visit the open air market with colothes & shoes come in Wed or Sat morning & we can have a great cappuccino together!😉☕️☕️

    1. Ciao! We were in Lucca, Pisa, and Firenze in April. Loved it of course….next time we visit, I will send an email to let you know. It will probably be in November (during the US holiday period for Thanksgiving). Would be delighted to meet another of my Blog Friends!

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