Is This Steak Large Enough For You?

What’s on the menu at Rusticanella 2 in Lucca, Italy, one of our favorite places to eat dinner? Lots of fun, that’s for sure!

We met a really nice couple from Colorado there, (Richard and Susan) and introduced them to bistecca.

How’s THIS for a tasty little hunk of dinner love?

IMGP0091 (2)



  1. I think it is quite big enough!

    1. Those darn steaks were huge! I don’t eat steak, but there surely were a lot of people there eating them, at the rate they were coming out of the kitchen…LOL!

  2. I’m not a steak fan at all, unless it is a T-bone bbq. A little goes a long way. However, I appreciate your enthusiasm and good times:)

    1. Me, either…but if I was, this would surely be the place to indulge! I stick with local pasta, and of course-wine!

  3. Well I think my husband could have been very happy with that one but I might have only tried just a smaller portion. That’s a nice looking piece of steak though.

    1. It’s funny..I don’t eat steak or beef in the US but here, I will taste all of their food goodness, non matter what!

  4. haha I think its quite BIG!

    1. It was SO huge…LOL! Someone had quite a meal!

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