Feeling The Love – With a Bright Red Heart

Some of Hubby’s favorite items to capture on “film” throughout Italy are the incredible array of doors and their knockers.

Most serve a simple purpose – to allow someone, at some point in time, to actually KNOCK on a door! Imagine that, right?

This one, as serious as his regal expression seems, has become a Junk Mail co-conspirator….poor guy!

Mail Box Knockers

One of my faves, even though they are door handles. Nice wide double doors. The patina is lovely.

Double Knockers

This one seems to carry the weight of the world…on his tongue, mind you!

Knockers with Tongue

Here’s one that we saw on our last visit, and thought it would be fun to share – now with a higher purpose, no doubt. Wonder if there was ever a door here? Or if the carriage was tied here? Or maybe a lantern?

 If only this little guy could share his (many!) stories from the past.

Have a Heart



  1. Great photos. I love pictures of interesting buildings – doors, windows with window boxes, shutters.

    1. The Hubby tends to catch these items – since he always takes 1,000 pictures a day! LOL! Or so it seems! The window boxes are amazing. No way that I could maintain those to look so fresh and pretty! And they are everywhere.

  2. Isn’t it amazing how many decorative door handles/nobs can be seen throughout Italy? These are so expressive, as if they have a novel to share!

    1. So true…it’s as if each one has so many stories to tell. We always imagine all of the hands that have touched them over the years! Little time capsules, no doubt!

      1. Very true….to be able to see all of those faces!

  3. I love it when people have such a good taste for everything! That red heart is so cute that made me smile! 🙂

    1. That little red heart was a surprise to see – so brightly colored! Thanks for stopping by.

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