Monthly Archives: March 2015

Feeling The Love – With a Bright Red Heart

Some of Hubby’s favorite items to capture on “film” throughout Italy are the incredible array of doors and their knockers. Most serve a simple purpose – to allow someone, at some point in time, to actually KNOCK on a door! Imagine that, right? This one, as serious as his regal expression seems, has become a Junk […]

Update on the tornado

Sad news of bad weather around Lucca, Italy. Our friend, Debra, has a home there and has been keeping us updated on her blog. Read more here. Bagni di Lucca and Beyond Things have settled down in Bagni Di Lucca and the clean up is well underway. Most of the damage here has been to roofs, […]

Chickpea Flatbread – A Taste of Italy

Last visit to Italy, we bought some “farina di ceci” – better known to you and I as chickpea flour.  Used in Pisa and Lucca to make “cecina” (chickpea flatbread), very simple ingredients are mixed together to make a flatbread. It is baked on a pizza pan, and turned into a snack that is perfect as […]