What’s on the Menu at Cooking School Today?

Curious about what goes on at Cooking School in Lucca? How about a behind the scenes look at the action-packed kitchen? (In case you missed our last post about our cooking adventures, take a look here.) Today, we’re ready to cook and (of course!) eat the results.

Today’s menu consists of L’uovo magico (and when I show you pictures, you’ll agree It. Is. Magic.) But that dish is for another day…..patience, my dears! We must pace ourselves, as it’s a LOT of food.

Today, it’s all about “Cannelloni di branzino crema di piselli e cecino rosa croccante”. WOW! That’s surely an (Italian!) mouthful of words!

Each team of studenti di cucina decides which course they will participate in each day. I decide on the branzino cannelloni and start to review the recipe (in Italian – of course).

All Hands on Desk

Calling all cooks…..roll up your sleeves, grab an apron, and let’s get prepping!

Our Fish Team begins by filleting the fish.

Fish Fillet for Lunch

Fish - Prep

Fish Prep Help

Next, we make the pasta dough.

Pasta Ready to Roll

After the dough rests, it gets rolled out to the proper length and thickness.

Pasta Flatten

Pasta Small Sheets

Pasta Roll Assistance

Pasta Long Sheets

Our important task is to cut the dough to one consistent size. After all, we eat first with our eyes…

Pasta Cutting for Fish

Today’s Guest Chef, Beatrice Segoni (from the Borgo San Jacopo restaurant, located in the Ferragamo family owned Lungarno Hotel  in Florence), demonstrates the “how to” for the class on wrapping and cutting the dough wrapped fish pieces to the correct size.

Fish Chef Demo Cut

We cut the filleted fish into strips, then wrap the fish in the dough.

Fish Cut Rolls

Fish Cutting to

Fish Cut to length

Place the wrapped fish on a sheet pan, ready for the oven.

Fish Ready to Cook

Create the luscious pea sauce for the fish.

Peas For Fish Sauce

Fish Pea Sauce

Bake the fish. Next up – ready the plate for lunch time enjoyment.

Fish Plated to Enjoy

The technique learned is to wrap the fish just tight enough to keep it enclosed, without too much dough or too much fish. Whew! It’s certainly harder than it looks, until you practice a few times to make it “just so”.

Fish Roll

Fish Roll More

With mouths watering, and stomachs growling from all of our hard work, we are all ready to dive in to the finished product.

Fish Prepared on plate

Buon Appetito! Join us domani for more adventures at the Scuola di Cucina in Lucca. Ciao!

Outdoor tables for lunch



  1. Wow, that is one magnificent piece of dough. No matter how hard I try, my pasta dough always looks a bit weird – tastes fine, looks weird. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this with the fish in dough but boy, I’d be willing to give it a try. The final plating really sets everything off.

    1. I always think that I’ll make fresh pasta upon returning from cooking school…then reality sets in, and my brain says “what are you thinking?”…I don’t have the pasta roller, the great flour they use, or the eggs that are so lovely…
      The final product with the fish was SO good!

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