Cooking School Adventures in Lucca, Italy

To enjoy eating in Italy is one thing – learning to actually COOK the dishes, then creating them once home is yet ANOTHER thing. An annual adventure at the International Academy of Italian Cuisine in Lucca, Italy is always a welcome delight.

Scuola Sign

Chef Gianluca Pardini and his team have put together a world class “scuola di cucina” in an 18th century villa, perched in the hills about 5 minutes outside the walls of Lucca.


Scuola Bldgs

The team will take care of your registration via email, dress you in the appropriate apron, and help you understand the food words of the cucina.

Scuola Staff

Since herbs and flowers abound on the property, many of the items will be used in the dishes that you learn to cook each day.

Flowers in Pots

Flowers Up Close

Flowers Rosemary

Flowers In Bloom

Flowers Abound

Once you create the dishes, why not pick the perfect place to enjoy your hard work? Yep, that’s right outside the kitchen door….all you need is a sunny day, clear skies, and no one talking – only eating!

Lunch is Served

Outdoor Tables Before Lunch

Outdoor Tables After

Easily accessible by car, cab, bicycle, or bus, this is a food lovers treat not to be missed.

 Transportation to Scuola



  1. Now that’s a great way to enjoy a visit. My daughter took cooking classes in Florence while she was studying abroad. It was a fun experience for her and broke up the work of her regular classes.

    1. It is a ton of fun, although the recipes and instructions are in Italy….it really really makes my brain tired – but also very hungry!

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  3. Next time I’m in town I will have to go out and take a class there.

    1. I hope you do. It is always a lot of fun. Plus you never know who the guest chef might be that day. Carla handles the email bookings, so tell her hello from Susan and Wade. I’ll be there for 2 days the end of April….can’t wait!!!

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