Taking an Italian Lunch Break

Tired of the Leaning Tower, hawkers trying to sell you a cheap souvenir, and way too many tourists in way too many lines? Then it’s time for a lunch break where the “locals” eat – Ristorante Galileo. Perfect for lunch (or dinner), in Pisa, Italy.

With an ever-changing selection of homemade “fast food” for a set price at lunch time, Chef Enzo and his team aim to please – and they certainly succeed!

Come on in to the dining room….Have a seat…..Relax……

Restaurant Scenes

Smell the fresh flowers….

Winw with lunch

Take a look at the wine selection….

Always a good year

Select red or white…..Salute!



Nice Legs!

Nice Legs!

What’s for lunch today?


And the price – can’t be beat!

Only 10 Euro?

Only 10 Euro?

Naturally, the atmosphere scores bonus points – since it includes giggling girlies with big smiles!

Lots of Love here!

Lots of Love Here!

Pretty Girls

Let’s not forget dessert – Frutta di Bosco and Panna Cotta…Yummo-Licious!


Grazie Mille, Chef Enzo, for another memorable meal! Hope to return again soon.




  1. Are you two really back in Italy AGAIN without us??

    1. No…just dreaming we are there…this lunch was from last May’s visit. When are you guys going back? Hope we can see you in November for the big Thanksgiving feast-a-thon!

  2. You always find the best places. And yes, isn’t it great to get away from the lines and the crowds?

    1. We adore this place in Pisa…the family is so happy to see us whenever we arrive! Plus, the food is tasty, homemade, and has lots of LOVE cooked into it!

  3. Pisa is lovely! Next trip…Turin? 🙂

    1. Would love to visit! We tried one year, but the weather was SO bad in the area, we decided to plan a visit there for another time.

      1. Yes, in winter it can be very cold and snowy! When you plan your visit, write to me and I’ll give u some tips 😉

      2. That’s a promise! Will let you know when. Take care!

  4. I will remember this restaurant for next time we visit Pisa. We had the worst pizza at one of the tourist trap restaurants close to the leaning tower. It’s nice to know where the good choices are. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Definitely stay away from the Tower for eating – only go there for looking! LOL!
      If you arrive via train, there are 2-3 really good restaurants within a 15 minute walk, including Galileo. The others are La Lupa Ghiotta for lunch/pizza, and the other is Lo Schiacciancci for dinner. We’ve been going to these for years, and really enjoy our visits.

      Here are the websites:

      Thanks for stopping by to comment!

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