In Case You Were Wondering….

How all of those fabulous photos are gathered while we are on vacation in Italy?

Take a look, as The Hubby demonstrates how to eat dinner…which can be an issue since we always want to share the food and the events we attend with each of you here as well as on our other blog, Our Kitchen Inventions.

The Hubby in action!

The Hubby in action!

Yes, I know sometimes the food gets a bit cold, or we enjoy it but forget to get a shot to share to share, or we forget to take pictures of each other to prove we actually went on vacation together.

Thankfully, the moments are captured both on “film” as well as in our memory banks. I guess we’re each just a human cloud, right? LOL!

More Moments Captured

More Moments Captured




  1. Looking at the first photo and reading your opening sentence had me in stitches! Thank you. I have a friend that does that too but I’ve yet to find out what he does with the photos! At least we can see yours. One love 🙂

    1. It’s fun to watch him “In Action” all the time…I have to remind him to lower the camera and actually “see” his vacation before he misses it all! LOL! Thanks for your comment, and stopping by to visit us.

  2. Great shots. My daughter goes nuts if I pull out a camera in a restaurant, even just an IPhone shot. Of course part of every mother’s job is to embarrass their children.

    1. Well, if you can’t embarass your kids, then just who can you embarass, right?!? It’s a given, so she’ll remember that when she has her own kiddos…!! Hope all is well with you and yours.

      1. I try to tell her that she has to have something to talk to a psychiatrist about. We’ve been doing well and enjoyed my husband’s retirement with a lot of day trips. You know the kind of things you’d like to do on weekends but places are just too crowded to make it enjoyable.

      2. It sure is fun to be a “tourist” in your own town!

  3. We so wanted to be there for Sthanksgiving. Made every effort to, but family matters keep us home. Maybe early 2025

    Enjoy and hugs to you both😊

    Sent from my iPhone


    1. So great to hear from you! Wishing we could visit in November, but we’ll be patient and hope for next year for a reunion. Baci Baci!!
      Susan and Wade

  4. Tani and Rich · · Reply

    Looks like you had a fabulous time. Was so there in spirit. Did you feel us? I hope so. Are you still there?

    1. We did indeed feel your presence! Missed you both, and hope your holiday was special. Next year, we’ll count on seeing you there! Got home on Wednesday, so should be blogging soon about the adventure. Take care!!

  5. Even though I blog about food I just have a hard time taking photos in restaurants.

    1. I know…the good thing is that we don’t use flash most of the time, as a courtesy to others. Yet, sometimes…we just must! LOL!

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