Dreaming of Italy

My sister, Ellen, just celebrated a birthday last week and shared a thought about how crazy/fast life seems to be each day. Do you remember the TV show that had the calendar pages turning quickly from day-to-day, being blown by a fan or the wind, and before you knew it, the next scene in the show was days/weeks/years later? Ellen said THAT’s how it seems sometimes. You watch the calendar, and the pages are flipping so fast, it’s hard to catch your breath!

This made me think about our last trip to Italy in May.

Prior to boarding our plane, we vowed to savor each and every precious moment of each and every day, and enjoy the special memories we were making with our friends and with each other – to stay “in the moment” as you will – while there. Slow down. Laugh. Drink wine. Stop to enjoy the little things. People watch. Know that people are probably watching us back! Smile at strangers. Say “Grazie!” and mean it. For all that we have to enjoy. And for each other.

Bistecca at Roberto's in Florence

Bistecca at Roberto’s in Florence

Vino to Enjoy!

Vino to Enjoy!

Trouble is, the darn moments just go by way too fast! One day, you have just arrived at your destination. The next thing you know, it’s months later, (can you say “August”?) and you can’t wait for the next visit. Plus, everyday life interferes with our best intentions to share those precious experiences with each of you via this blog.

Cupid Ready for Amore

Cupid Ready for Amore!

So, without further ado, please join us as we share some of our “visions” of Italy from the viewpoint of the camera lens.

Tanti Auguri, La Sorella!

Pisa - And not one tower in site!

Pisa – And not one tower in site!

Carciofi Perfection

Carciofi Perfection

Lucky Pork in Florence

Lucky Pork in Florence

Laundry Room with a View

Laundry Room with a View



  1. So true, so true. How many times do we take a day or even a minute for granted! Now you’ve got me wondering – what was that show with the flipping pages? Or was it a movie? Or even a commercial maybe? I remember it but can’t place it.

    1. I know…the one show I remember is “like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives…” from the soap opera…but can’t remember where the calendar is from.

      1. Oh now you’ve done it. I remember The Days of our Life one ….so come on we’ve got to come up with the calendar.

      2. I went to visit the family last weekend, and NONE of us could remember the calendar turner…..yikes!

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