Night Scenes from Florence, Italy

Night shots in Florence, Italy can surprise you with the depth and beauty of the subjects captured – cold marble appears warm, rain makes the streets glisten, the sky becomes dark and void of color, while shadows deepen to remind you of childhood fears – like monsters and demons – as they reflect back from the ancient walls of the loggia.

Wishing you could all be there with us in November…..enjoy the view. Won’t you come along?…..

Medici Statue

Rainy Streets 

NIght Sky

Shadows in the Loggia



  1. Utterly stunning. Good to hear from you guys… Another inspiring post. I feel a Florence style dish coming on! Cheers!

    1. Thanks!! I’ve been working out of town on a project, and not enough time to stay connected with the world…so, had to put something out there to let you guys know we’re alive and kicking, right?!?! LOL! Definitely in the mood for good Italian inspired food! Hope all is well with you.

  2. JoAnn Cauthen · · Reply

    Wonderfully beautiful. Add your photography website,

  3. JoAnn Cauthen · · Reply

    Lovely – put your photography website ore prominently so folks can easily go check out your photo gallery! Might fine work!!!

    1. Thanks, Mama C! The website is on the side with all of the “links” – wish we could make it all caps and bold, right? LOL! Thanks for stopping by for a look. Love you!

  4. Absolutely beautiful photography. I love every shot!

    1. I can take NO credit for any of those beautiful pictures…it’s all the Hubby and his steady eye.

      1. Ah – I thought it might be his work, beautiful as always.

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