Italy Memories To Share

Excuse me for being so absent lately. It’s not that there are not a million and one items to share, it’s just that I’ve been totally consumed on a project for a client in Orlando, Florida. So, it’s back and forth to the airport way  too many times to count since the end of March.

Whenever the thought strikes me that I might be tiring a bit of being away from home so much for work, all it takes is one moment to remember just why I do this: to make money to take another trip to Italy!

The Twirl in Florence

With promises that I’ll whet your appetite to join us someday, here’s some of the great new friends we met in May on our last trip (yes, I promise to get busy very soon telling you about the special moments and abundance of food consumed!). Meet Tani and Rich, pictured with Monica at the B&B.

Monica, Tani, and Rich in Firenze

Tani and Rich live in California, and were some of the very first visitors to the Residenza di Epoca in Piazza della Signoria (our “home away from home” in Florence) when it opened back in 2001. This time, we were lucky enough to meet them, wine and dine together, and share stories and laughs. Jealous, since their trip was for a month…maybe some day! Funny thing, one day we had breakfast and lunch together at the B&B, THEN headed out later for dinner together…another story for another day!

Here’s a view of the dining room table, just before we all sat down together to enjoy lunch. Buon appetito!

Now, I gotta run – must pack to leave town. Not for Italy, but for Orlando…..must earn money for our November trip….Ciao!

B&B Table before lunch w Pinis -2014




  1. I figured work was interfering with the fun. But, as you say it pays for better times later in the year!

    1. Work surely does get in the way, does it not? LOL! But depositing that $$$ in the bank (to spend in Italy!) sure is worth it. How you feeling? Hope all is healing well for you.

      1. It’s true, I’d take the time in Italy for sure. I’ve been doing so well that Monday I spent pulling overgrown shrubs out…saw, ax, shovel – so I guess I must be doing ok. The hip felt great but ooooh, the muscles were sore yesterday!

      2. You Go, Girl! I am so happy for you that the new hip is working out so well. Sounds like the muscles will need some time to catch up with your new parts…LOL!

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