Don’t You Wish it Were This Easy?

Homemade Orecchiette . Tasty. Filling. Flexible. Looks simple enough, right? For this pro anyway!

Chef Peppino makes it look easy as he demonstrates his craft at Tratorria La Luna Piena in Milan, Italy.


 Orecchiette - Rolling


Orecchiette - Cutting


Orecchiette - Shaping

Orecchiette - Making

Voila! Then serving.

Orichiette with Veggies

Can’t wait to dive in!

Orichiette with Meat Sauce



  1. It looks so delicious! And what pretty plates, too!

    1. The entire meal was so good! My face hurt from laughing all night at the Chef’s antics.

  2. Yes! The pros do make it look easy.
    I remember the time I attempted to make sushi (the sushi chef made it look so easy). When I tried to roll it up, it fell apart.

    1. He just rolled, cut, and BOOM…it was simple – in his skilled hands! LOL! I’ve never tried to roll sushi, since a lot of patience seems to be required…! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Of course he makes it look easy but it’s still easier to sit back, watch, then eat it! That would be my plan.

    1. I like your plan! That’s what I usually end up doing – best intentions to make homemade pasta when we get back to the US, and then POOF nothing happens….good intentions out the window!

  4. They make it look so easy!

    1. Don’t they? Those years of experience sure do help!!

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