Monthly Archives: March 2014

Don’t You Wish it Were This Easy?

Homemade Orecchiette . Tasty. Filling. Flexible. Looks simple enough, right? For this pro anyway! Chef Peppino makes it look easy as he demonstrates his craft at Tratorria La Luna Piena in Milan, Italy. Rolling   Cutting Shaping Voila! Then serving. Can’t wait to dive in! Advertisements

Pisani di Gusto at Stazione Leopolda

Pisani di Gusto at the Stazione Leopolda, Pisa – Sounds like a mouthful, yes? Well, it certainly was! Lucky for us, we visited Pisa during the Pisani di Gusto (Pisa Food and Wine Festival) and had the opportunity to stop by for a tour one morning. Not yet too crowded, so we took our time and strolled the aisles…. Here […]