Dreaming Of Spring

When the cold winds and snow socks us in, and ice hangs from the trees like holiday decor, all thoughts go to warmer weather. Hope these images help take off the chill today – Spring and all of its bounty surely must be just around the corner!

Z Flowers Only

Spring Fragola

Flower for Spring

Zucchini Flowers



  1. I think everyone will be pleased to see spring and some sunshine. It has been raining for ever.

    1. And the crazy ice storm this week kept us all in our homes until today…now, it will return to 60 degree weather this weekend…odd, indeed! Hope you are enjoying your visit home!

  2. Mmmm… Those corguettes look incredible. I am hungry… Lovely pics as usual guys. 🙂

    1. The Hubby thanks you for the nice compliment! He so enjoys taking pics of the markets there – incredible colors abound!

  3. When Susan, when? We just got another foot dumped on us with more coming tomorrow.

    1. Yikes! Not more snow?!?!?! We are in the mid 60’s this week, so next week will probably be icky…I’m hoping it’s over for you soon!

      1. Yup…this one came down so fast & I was about 15 miles away from home in my little sports car aka ‘the bobsled’. Have they already done the bobsled teams at the Olympics? Maybe I could sign up.

      2. Simmer down, Missy! LOL! No way you would want to go all the way to Russia in that little car! I think they are having less snow than we are in the US….you guys could have hosted the Winter Games there in the NE!

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