“BOGO” In Rome

Here in the USA, we have what’s known as a “BOGO” (Buy One – Get One Free). Pretty easy to figure that one out, right?

You can imagine our surprise to see this “Prendi 2, Paghi 1” that we passed in Rome, Italy.

Nice to know that “BOGO” translates in any language!

BOGO In Roma



  1. Ha! Ha! I had never heard the term “bogo” before! I love it! And nice to know that the same deals can be found in Italy, too! Should they call it “pdpu”? “PIDIPU” Catchy, just like “bogo”! What do you think?

    1. Yes, that is the perfect name for it! LOL! We tried to come up with something but nothing was really catchy. Sounds like you have picked a winner!

  2. In the uk, we have “BOGOF”.. Meaning the same. Unfortunately we also have a phrase; “Bog Off”, which is a mild way of telling someone to, umm… Go away…! Occasionally it gets written on chalkboards outside shops and restaurants, presumably leaving the owners perplexed as to why their fabulous special offer is not being taken up by passing customers! 🙂

    1. Yikes! I guess you’d have to be very careful with that one, eh?…could indeed drive away the patrons! Thanks – you’ve taught me something “new” today!

  3. I love that sign – just in case you didn’t get the words the picture of 2 drinks = is perfect in any language.

    1. It truly was a funny site, resting as it was on the sidewalk…seemed an awfully early time for “happy hour”….LOL!

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