Who’s Ready For Lunch in Rome?

Tucked away in an intimate setting on Via dei Coronari 233, a lovely street just around the corner from Piazza Navona  and its’ glorious fountain, we were lucky to discover Ristorante Tre Archi da Loreto in Rome. (Well, I guess I should say that DK Travel Guides discovered it FOR us, since we used their guidebook for lunch ideas. Thanks, DK Travel, for the recommendation!)

Signage and Menu

Entrance Sign

Upon entering, the atmosphere was perfect for our lunch break. Filled with locals, small talk and chatter surrounded us as we gazed upon other diners’ meals to help determine our course of adventure.

But, old habits are darn hard to break, and seeing how the weather was cold, right to the soup we went. Lentil and pasta for me and minestrone for Hubby.

Soup Lentil Me

This, my dears, proved to be a most excellent of decisions!


Of course, Hubby wanted to taste mine, so he did the “combo soup” move with a bit of my lentil soup ladled into his minestrone…just perfect!

Soup Combined

Nothing left to do now, except order espresso to keep us going, as we get back out to enjoy the rest of our day. Does anyone think there could be gelato in my near future? I’m betting “yes” to this one!

Coffee Cup



  1. I have just written about a horrible restaurant in Via dei Coronari. I know where I will go next time.

    1. Debra, I know! I read about your horrible lunch, just after writing this one about our nice lunch there. Definitely try this next time. Nice little spot to take a rest and recharge your battery!

  2. A perfect, rejuvenating lunch. Oh – did you say gelato?

    1. Oh, yeah..the gelato shop was just around the corner, so it was the perfect ending to a lovely lunch..I’ll show you the gelato very soon!

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