Monthly Archives: February 2014

IllyShop in Rome

Since Hubby is an espresso lover, one mandatory stop in Rome was the Illyshop, located on Via Due Macelli 59/d. If you have not visited, it’s worth your time just to view the “art collection” cups that are available to purchase in the store. Take a look at some of them here. Very special! Some are simple. Others, very […]

Dreaming Of Spring

When the cold winds and snow socks us in, and ice hangs from the trees like holiday decor, all thoughts go to warmer weather. Hope these images help take off the chill today – Spring and all of its bounty surely must be just around the corner!

“BOGO” In Rome

Here in the USA, we have what’s known as a “BOGO” (Buy One – Get One Free). Pretty easy to figure that one out, right? You can imagine our surprise to see this “Prendi 2, Paghi 1” that we passed in Rome, Italy. Nice to know that “BOGO” translates in any language!

Who’s Ready For Lunch in Rome?

Tucked away in an intimate setting on Via dei Coronari 233, a lovely street just around the corner from Piazza Navona  and its’ glorious fountain, we were lucky to discover Ristorante Tre Archi da Loreto in Rome. (Well, I guess I should say that DK Travel Guides discovered it FOR us, since we used their guidebook for lunch ideas. Thanks, DK Travel, […]