Eating and Blogging in Lucca, Italy

What happens when several bloggers get together for lunch in Lucca, Italy? Yes, the food gets cold ‘cause we’re all way toooo busy snapping photos of our dishes to even eat!

Debra taking photo

One of the first blogs I started following several years ago was Debra’s Bella Bagna Di Lucca. Since then, I’ve enjoyed Debra’s company when we can meet up in Italy – once at Il Desco in Lucca during the Food and Wine event where I met her & her Hubby with several of their friends for food and wine, then dinner and great conversation.  Next time, it was in Spring in Lucca for dinner at Rusticanella . This year, the Hubby finally was able to meet my “blog friend” in person. Yes, my dear Hubby, she really does exist! LOL!

In November, Debra and her friend Moe met us for lunch at Da Leo in Lucca. Out comes the food, so out come the cameras. As all good bloggers and blog followers know, you just can’t start eating a meal without first recording it for blog history. And we were no exception to this rule.

Da Leo Table Cloth SIgn

Being cold out meant hot soup was just the ticket for us. Moe enjoyed “tortellini en brodo” and I could not resist the “zuppa di farro”.  Hubby had the “minestra” and was glad he did. For Debra, it was a pasta dish that was picture perfect.

Broth with tortelini

Veggie Soup

Zuppa de farro

For the main course, here’s Moe’s “bistecca” with a side of “cavolfiore gratinato al forno”.


How about “coniglio”? Debra totally enjoyed the rabbit, and we all tasted to make sure it was perfect. Yes, it was indeed!


For me and Hubby, a plate of pork with roasted potatoes, and an extra helping of “cavolfiore gratinati al forno”. Oink is right!

Pork and potatoes

Cleaning our plates, we took a stroll toward the train station so that Debra and Moe could catch the train before it got dark for their drive back to Bagna di Lucca. As chance would have it, they were going to be in Florence while we were there. So….needless to say, plans were made for yet another visit. (You can read all about that here).

Bidding our farewells, we left with smiles on our faces and happy contented tummies. As it should be when visiting with friends.



  1. Wonderful post, but now I am hungry. The meal looks very appetizing. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Funny thing about reading / seeing photos of food at lunch time..always makes me hungry, too! LOL!. Thanks for stopping by, and hope you enjoy what we share. Take care!

  2. Mmmm, now I need pasta!! Great post and some great food shots!! Hope one day soon I’ll make it over to Lucca to try out some dishes for myself! Keep up the great blogs! Lizzie

    1. Everytime we visit, we just can’t get enough of the fresh tastes that surround us….then, we try to create similar dishes at home, but something is lost In the translation..LOL! Lucca is Not to be missed, for sure. Keep it on your list. Thanks so much for the comments!!

      1. I know what you mean re cooking! I’ve tried a few recipes once back in the uk and they lack something! Maybe it’s because the veg aren’t sun drenched or the herbs haven’t grown up in the hills. I perhaps it’s Italian magic that only works in il bel paese! Happy cooking!! ;o)

      2. Totally agree! We think it has to do with the way the Italians live la dolce vita! Fin the US is grown for shipping cross country, not eating! LOL! It’s all pesticide drenched….sad, but true…The herbs and veggies we grow on our patio are always the best summer treats for our cooking. Thanks for stopping by to read!

  3. Somehow I missed this post. I must have been on the road somewhere. It was a great lunch. I must go more often to Da Leo. Thanks for the mention and now my camera is famous.

    1. It was so much fun! Figured you were traveling and would catch up. Yes, your camera is a super star! LOL! We had a delightful day with you and Moe. Please tell her “hello” when you next speak.

  4. Lucca, fabulous town. We had some great times there in May and June. And, thanx to Debra’s blog I discovered Bagni di Lucca and had 4 fabulous weeks there. Plus, I had a couple of visits to her gorgeous stone house in Vergemoli and also dinner with her and Jim and 12 others at Bennabio.

    1. We are back in Lucca in November, and always love to attend the Fall festivals..can’t wait for Il Desco again! Isn’t Debra and Jim’s home great? The lunch they prepared for us on the terrace, with views of the surrounding towns and mountains, was insanely relaxing. Great friends in beautifaul places – that’s what Italy is all about for us!

  5. Da Leo is my fav trattoria in Lucca!!👍👏😋😋😋

    1. It’s always good food, crowded with locals (and tourists), and a good value for the meal. Everyone I’ve taken there has really liked it.

  6. I know this place very well!! great choice 👍👍

    1. Hi! Yes, this is always one of our favorites in Lucca.

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