Dinner – and a Show!

Upon our arrival at Osteria La Luna Piena in Milan, we knew we were in for a treat – the table has a bright red “Riservato” sign on it – so….it looked like we were regulars in Milano!

Riserved Sign

As we’ve said before, any time we travel to Milan, our friend, Giovanni, makes dinner plans for us. Our job is to simply show up and enjoy. And enjoy we do….here’s a glimpse of the fun and laughter we shared with Giovanni and his buddies (Rafaele, Marco, and Simona) in November. (Don’t even ask what we are doing….!)

Testing for Doneness

First a little history of the Osteria: Peppino and his family are from Puglia, so the food is their take on Pugliese-Milanese. That means he and his family (his daughter was helping with our table while Mom was in the kitchen cooking) serve you their own version of homemade goodness, with a Milanese twist.


Mom Says Hi

Along the way, you learn a bit about the food through Peppino’s sense of humor and presentation. Mind you, he is indeed quite the showman.

Chef Owner

We learn from Simona and Rafaele that they have been loyal patrons for quite a number of years. When the Osteria moved from a former location, they simply followed along for the (fun) ride and keep on enjoying the food and laughter.

Come on and join us for dinner.

Pour the wine

Starting (of course) with selecting a red and a white wine, we proceeded directly to the antipasti.

First up: Fava beans topped with chicory stems, with oil and herbs. Delish!

Chicory Appetizer 2

Next up: Burrata (super creamy type of mozzarella) with “pomodori secchi” and herb oil. Talk about crazy goodness on a plate! It’s all we can do to not lick the plates completely clean.

Burrato and Sun dried Tomatoes

For the main course: Orecchiette made from semolina flour – one with sheep’s milk pecorino in a spicy tomato sauce and a special funghi from the Puglia area.

Orichiette with Meat Sauce

The other Orecchiette is covered with “cime di rapa”. Yeah, baby! Now we’re talking dinner!

Orichiette with Veggies

Now don’t despair…dessert is coming soon. Consisting of two super thin wafers, chocolate, and a nut on top, the presentation could not have been more regal. Made us all want to purchase these cute little “crown” dishes for our next party.


But wait! There’s more!

Strawberry Sorbet

Strawberry sorbet for those who might still be hungry. Fresh, cool, and the perfect ending to our perfect meal. Don’t miss out on an interesting, entertaining dining experience next time you visit Milan.

La Luna Entrance




  1. MMMm, this made me very hungry! Great post! Lizzie

    1. The food was great! And the friends made it all the more fun. Thanks for the comments.

  2. Now that’s the way to have an evening out. How can you miss with such good company & what a reception. So exactly what were you doing in that picture?

    1. The entire evening was amazingly fun for us all. OK, so here’s the info on the secret hand signals: Hubby was showing them how to test for “doneness” for meat on the grill…how could we EVER explain that one, right?….LOL!

      1. Oh, okay. Let’s face it though, with Italians all talking is done with the hands. My husband couldn’t communicate at all if he had to sit on his hands.

      2. So true!….Hubby insists that I’m part Italian! LOL!

  3. What a great name for a restaurant! Looks like they treated you very well 🙂

    1. We had an absolutely fabulous time – the food, the friends, the laughs! Always great to visit with them all.

  4. Yummy!! Everything looks so delicious!!!! Apulian food is sooo good! I live here now even if I’m from the northern Italy and everytime I try to be on diet I realize that it’s impossible 😀

    1. That was one fun and delicious dinner! We just could not stop eating all of the great food! Diet? What’s THAT? LOL!

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