Always Fun For Dinner

Whenever we want a really fun, delish, inexpensive dinner in Lucca, we head over to Rusticanella 2, where we always receive a warm welcome from our friends. Their rustic homemade food was a perfect match for a blistery winter night.

Here’s a peek at the yummy dishes of goodness that we scarfed down while there in November. Wish we were eating there tonight!

Starting with gooey pecorino al forno con pere, we knew this was just the ticket to warm us right up after being out in the cold. Plus, any excuse to eat lots of fresh bread dunked in warm cheese is seriously OK by me.


Here’s the cheese ready for its close-up.

Pecorino Close up

Next, zuppa di farro Lucchese for me.

Soup for Me

And zuppa con cavolo nero e ceci for the Hubby. Check out that toasty bread.

Soup for Hubby

Just in case ‘burgers are more to your taste, here’s the Special of the Day. Check it out when you visit Lucca. Promise you won’t be disappointed.

Burger Special



  1. yet again, you are making everyone’s mouths water! – THAT bread – you can just tell it’s been sat in a wood fired oven – positively bursting with flavour – nice post again guys! (nice nails too in the soup pic – it didn’t go un-noticed! 🙂 Cheers, J.

    1. Sorry ! the link at the bottom is around the wrong way on my last comment..! It’s been a very very long day! it’s supposed to be – you’d think I would know by now…

      1. You are too funny! I’ve done the same thing before…no worries!

    2. The bread with the cheese is like a dream come know, a little carb and cholesterol “cocktail” never killed anyone (instantly..), right? LOL!

  2. Oh, it does look like a terrific way to get warmed up. What wonderful places you find.

    1. It’s not me – it’s Giovanni…it sure helps to have a great local friend!

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