Dreaming of Warmer Days

Like most of the country, Atlanta has been under a wintry blast of severely cold weather (we’re talking 6 degrees one morning this week..ouch!). Luckily, that has passed (at least for now) and we are warming up a bit.

Being so cold has me dreaming of Fall in Italy, when it begins to get a bit cool, yet still warm enough to spend a ton of time outdoors, enjoying the season and all of the unique treats that go with it.

Fall - Persimmon

To tempt your taste (and travel) buds, join us on a visual tour – since we can’t be there today.

Once you see and smell the tartufo, you know that fall has arrived.

Black Truffle

Next you will find funghi in a vast array of dishes.


Here’s the olio nuova – such a pretty color….and the taste is sublime.

Olive Oil

New Olive Oil

Always a favorite – the zucca. If only we could bring this home to enjoy!


Ahhhhh….so “Ciao for now, but let’s continue to dream of warmer days ahead!



  1. Oh now come on…6 degrees in the morning would be a heat wave for us. Seriously, there has been some weird weather going on. We’ve been below zero for a while & the other day with the wind chill we were many minuses below zero. Now I hear we’ll be up in the 40’s by Saturday – go figure.

    1. I know! The weather is insane…we have gone from below 10 degrees with a high of 24 degrees, to a low of 40 and highs in the 60’s. The poor plants and trees are totally confused! I don’t envy you the weather there in Boston…it’s tough this time of year…way too cold for my southern blood!

      1. I guess we do get a little used to it, but as I get older it’s harder and of course the below 0’s with winds are never fun for anyone. You know that “neeeh, neeeh, neeeh” noise your car makes when it’s not sure if it’s going to start? Well that’s me in the morning.

      2. Of course, I just can not STAND the cold…for me, it’s my fingers that now have developed my Mom’s arthritis…they sure do hurt in the cold of winter..ouch! Know what you mean about the morning – hard to leave the warm bed for the cold air!

  2. Your pictures let me smell and taste Italy! They say that smells are one of the strongest memories and I can truly say that certain smells bring me back to all those happy memories I had of visiting Italy when I was a little girl 🙂

    1. I know what you mean! Sometimes, I’ll read blogs about Italy, and seem to just be transported there…it’s SO odd to have that happen. But don’t you wish we could do that? Just transport ourselves through the smells and sights? That would be handy, for sure! LOL! Glad you stopped by for a visit to Italy today. I’m glad this brought back great memories for you!

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