Feast of the Seven Fishes Party

My friend, Michele, over at Our Italian Table,  hosted a blogosphere Feast of the Seven Fishes Christmas Eve party. Being both surprised and honored, Michele asked us to offer an appetizer recipe for her to cook up for the feast!

Here is the announcement of the event:


Check out Michele’s blog and enjoy the unique insights into the holiday festivities that she shares.

Shrimp Oreganati - Peeled

In advance preparation, we cooked up a feast of our own with friends (of course, we had to test the recipe on them!…) that included the Gamberi Oreganati recipe.

Shrimp Oreganati - Cooked on Pan

From the cookbook “The Southern Italian Table” by Arthur Schwarz, this shrimp dish (baked with a crunchy bread crumb topping) was a real winner. Hope you enjoy it!

Shrimp Oreganati - Cooked on Plate



  1. And the shrimp were a HUGE hit at my feast!! These disappeared within minutes …..grazie grazie for sending! That was fun and will have to do again soon!! Buon anno! xoxo Michele/Our Italian Table

    1. Same here…we could have tripled the recipe and enjoyed even more…. Glad you liked them! Take care and Buon Anno!! Here’s looking forward to more new adventures in 2014!

  2. That looks terrific. We tried to get 7 fish in on New Years Eve but we cheated by counting the 3 varieties of shrimp individually. I think we may have decided that the marinated artichokes looked close enough to fish so we counted that too. We were even counting Moe’s cat food as part of the meal.

    1. Surely, Moe’s food counts…LOL! It smells so much like tuna, why not?

      P.S. I’ll be posting a really good soup recipe on the other blog later this week, so be sure and check it out. It’s the real thing from our Italian friends. You can count on it for next year’s feast.

      1. I’ll be watching. This is definitely soup weather here.

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