Gelato Cravings

In case you don’t have any goals because someone out there made it sound so impossibly difficult, just know that ANYTHING you set your mind to can become a goal…whether that be travel the world in a hot air balloon, circle the globe at the speed of sound, have the most followers on Twitter, save all mankind, or provide a simple smile to all of those who pass you by….all of these are worthy goals.

Milan - Gelato after Brunch

 Having said that, one of my goals (for those of you who are new to my writings) is this:

To sample gelato in each and every city that we visit in Italy.

Shocking? Maybe…Achievable?….Without a doubt.


I know, I know…some of you might be saying:

1. “How brave is she?”

2. “What a lifetime achievement!”

3. “Can she possibly stay focused on this incredibly difficult task?”

4. “Her level of commitment is incredible!”

Well, my dears, the answer to all of those items is a resounding “Yes, I can do it for you, my readers!”

Gelato - Pisa Name

And here are a few of those milestones evidenced in photos (no humans were harmed in the eating of the gelato).

Gelato - Pisa Cup


Stresa - Gelato Ready to eat

Milan - Gelato after Brunch in a cup

It’s ok…take a deep breath…go set your own worthy goal, and I’ll keep filling you in on the milestones that are achieved toward this goal. Stay tuned for more….



  1. Who would want to float around in a hot air balloon when they could be down on the ground eating gelato? Gelato eating is a much better goal.

    1. TOTALLY agree with you…Gelato can be such a “fruitful” goal – LOL! Let me know when you are ready to set sail, and we’ll take off in a balloon, seeking out the best gelato!

  2. I think I may have achieved this! I have still got a lot of towns, villages and cities to visit but I always track down a gelateria.

    1. Congratulations!! It is a goal that one must continue to strive to never miss an opportunity to capitalize on the moment…you never know when a visit to a new place will inspire you to eat gelato!

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