Layers of Age

Texture and layers run rampant in Florence, Italy. Simply turn your head, and years of history unfold right before your eyes.  The area in and around Piazza della Signoria is a perfect example.

Florence - Layers of Tower Close up

Having walked down this street over the past years, it was on our most recent visit that I noticed a small sign on the wall, and stopped for a look. (Note the title: “ex church”).

Florence - Church Pillar Sign

To my amazement, the church was consecrated in 1068. Yes, that’s right…the column and parts of the former church are almost 1000 years old. Oh, and by the way, did you notice the “new part” was added in 1560? Worthy of a pause for reflection.

Florence - Church Pillar



  1. That’s funny – I thought once a church, always a church 🙂 What is it now if it’s an “ex-church”?

    1. It’s used as part of the Uffizzi, and the museum has kind of “engulfed” it over the years.
      How odd, right?’s not the first church we’ve seen in Florence that was deconsecrated. There’s another one (can’t remember the name..) that the alter was taken out of by the Medici’s because they wanted it at their own personal church at home. So, they took the alter, and then deconsecrated the church..that’s power, eh?

  2. I was going to comment on the age of the church. It’s hard to imagine buildings that are that old and still standing. There is just so much to see and soak in in Florence – such a magnificent city & the Medici family has quite a history.

    1. Indeed! Each and every time we visit we discover something new (or I should say “old”) and learn a little bit more history. And those Medici…quite the family…! And just live in the “old” part of the US!

      1. That’s one thing that really hits you traveling in Europe. When we were walking through the forum in Rome I actually got chills thinking of how old it was & who had walked there.

      2. So true…especially when you look down and see the chariot ruts in the old stone road that runs through there. It’s kind of eery…not exactly a “tourist” place back then, for sure.

  3. Love love love your blog ❤

    1. Grazie mille! Really appreciate your comment and hope you continue to read and enjoy Italy with us.

      1. I love your posts 🙂 I will!

      2. 🙂 Thanks so much!

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