Dinner In Stresa, Italy

Talk about a find – La Botte Trattoria in Stresa, Italy, was just the place to sink our teeth into a local, perfectly prepared dinner after our long flight the previous night. And what a rewarding experience – come on in the front door for dinner and drinks with us…

Stresa - La Botte Entrance

With a kitchen crew that was delighted to cook local treasures, we returned the favor by ordering way too much to sample, and then eating every last bite. What a team they are!

Stresa - La Botte Kitchen Action

Stresa - La Botte Staff Photo

Lucky for us, we arrived a little early, since soon the place (which is not overly large) was packed – with a waiting list.

Stresa - La Botte Customer Shot

Starting with an appetizer – Oh, sorry…make that TWO – of Spiedino de scamorza, speck e mele alla griglia, and Frittura di alborelle, our plan was to make an early evening of our adventure.

Stresa - La Botte Appetizers

With just a few bites, we knew our taste buds could not be towed away from our little table, tucked into the corner with a view directly into the kitchen.

Stresa - Le Botte Chef and Waiter

“Might as well order dinner and a nice bottle of wine”, we thought….Bring on the menu!

Stresa - Le Botte Kitchen

For me, this gorgeous plate of Pappardelle con funghi porcini alla zafferano.

Stresa - Le Botte My Dinner

Hubby could not resist the Filettini di cinghiale con creme al pepe rose e whiskey (yep, that’s right: whiskey!)

Stresa - La Botte Wade's Dinner

Some spinaci to share. How pretty and green! (Maybe we need a larger table for two.)

Stresa - La Botte Spinach

Stresa - La Botte Our Dinners

Oh, yes…did someone mention wine? Here you go – Vespolina C’ De’ Santi. Perfectly balanced. From the Colline Navaresi.

Stresa - La Botte Wine Bottle

What meal is not complete without at least coffee or some espresso? Tucked into yet another corner was this treasure trove.

Stresa - La Botte Coffee Bar

Time to say Buona Notte and waddle take a lovely stroll back to the hotel to rest up for tomorrow’s adventures!



  1. seems worth to visit 🙂

    1. Most definitely, as Strea is beautifully situated on the lake. Plus, very walkable small town. So easy to reach from Milan by train…that’s always a plus! The food was SO good….

      1. mmm thank you for information! 🙂 for sure will pass when will be in Milano 🙂

  2. This looks great! I will have to go there.

    1. Definitely worth the visit. Next time, we’ll spend more time there, since there is a boat/train trip that you can take up to Switzerland, and back to Stresa that takes all day. Always something left to do on the next visit, right?

  3. Really looks like a great place & the cooks all look happy. I can’t believe the color of those noodles – yum!

    1. We really had fun with the kitchen – sitting RIGHT THERE at a table looking into their world…what fun we had for sure!

  4. This looks delicious 🙂 I love Stresa…and now having the recommendation of a great restaurant makes me want to return soon 🙂 I think, after seeing your picture of the pappardelle with saffron and porcini, that I will try to recreate that at home. It probably will be missing that magic flavor that food always has in Italy, but I’ll try. Wish me luck!

    1. Definitely wish you luck! Those darn porcini are so unique, it makes my mouth water just smelling the aroma. I don’t know if it is the water, the eggs, the flour…or all of the above! that makes the difference…never hurts to try though!

  5. That looks like an absolutely amazing meal and experience!

    1. The food and atmosphere were both great. Hope you get to try it out on your trip. Let me know, ok?

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