Monthly Archives: December 2013

Gelato Cravings

In case you don’t have any goals because someone out there made it sound so impossibly difficult, just know that ANYTHING you set your mind to can become a goal…whether that be travel the world in a hot air balloon, circle the globe at the speed of sound, have the most followers on Twitter, save all […]

Please Join Us For Lunch Just Outside of Lucca

After a perfect morning of touring a villa between Lucca and Pisa (more on that adventure later), Elisa suggested we visit Antica Trattoria Stefani “da Bendetto” for lunch. Yes, if you zoom in on the sign, you can read the date of 1888 as their “start date” for serving the community. Now, just a little history […]

Layers of Age

Texture and layers run rampant in Florence, Italy. Simply turn your head, and years of history unfold right before your eyes.  The area in and around Piazza della Signoria is a perfect example. Having walked down this street over the past years, it was on our most recent visit that I noticed a small sign on the wall, […]

Dinner In Stresa, Italy

Talk about a find – La Botte Trattoria in Stresa, Italy, was just the place to sink our teeth into a local, perfectly prepared dinner after our long flight the previous night. And what a rewarding experience – come on in the front door for dinner and drinks with us… With a kitchen crew that was delighted to […]