Dinner In Milan, Italy

StarHotels are our “go to” hotel in Italy, since the hotels are consistent, tastefully decorated, serve a full buffet breakfast, and offer a nice bar and restaurant in all locations. Our favorite (of course!) is StarHotel Anderson in Milan, where our friend, Giovanni, manages the Black Bar and Black Restaurant.

No visit to Milan would be complete without a Cosmo artfully prepared by the Cosmo Master himself, Giovanni.

Milan - Black Bar - Cosmo Master At Work

Try as I may, there is just no comparison to the drink that is served in the US, that resembles a Cosmo, but never tastes quite like the ones in Milan – as made by the Master!

Milan - Black Bar - Cosmo Close up

 Ready for dinner? Let’s take a look at what Chef Angelo has prepared for us tonight.

Milan - Black Bar - Master Chef in Kitchen

How about an appetizer to tease the palate? Don’t eat TOO much, because there is always a plateful of goodness served by Chef everytime we visit.

 Milan - Black Bar - Appetizer

Hubby had the Risotto Milanese, tagliata de filetto di manzo rucola e grana – a feast for the taste buds!

Milan - Black Bar - WNC's Dinner

Sitting pretty on my plate was Melone retato e prosciutto di Parma, spaghetti pomodorino pachino e basilico – a symphony of flavors that played in perfect harmony on my plate.

Milan - Black Bar - My Dinner Close up

Milan - Black Bar - My Dinner

Almost too pretty to eat (but only long enough for a photo, then devoured by yours truly!). Buon Appetito!



  1. ONLY, only Italian cuisine can present itself like this and get away with it! That creamy, viscose risotto, and the quiche ( yep!) looks amazing – okay, jealous again! Great post – inspired by simplicity and true passion. love your gastro-travelogue! http://europa-cafe.com/ Jai

    1. Truly a work of art to present such simple, classic dishes with such flair! Thanks for stopping by to check out our adventures. More to come!

  2. I just found your blog and am excited to read about all your travels and recommendations in Italy! While reading this post, I was interested in the Cosmo. You mentioned it was different. How so?Everytime I try to order one in Italy, they don’t seem to know what it is…I always wonder if they perhaps don’t have cranberry juice. Was yours made with it? And did you call it a Cosmo? I’ve only really tried a few times to ask for one, but it was in smaller towns. Perhaps I should try in a larger metropolis, like Milan!

    1. Giovanni just has that “magic touch” and does not measure the ingredients…he uses a little Rose’s lime juice and then a lime wedge to squeeze around the rim of the glass at the end…you MUST visit the StarHotel Anderson Black Bar and ask him to make you a Cosmo to enjoy…you won’t regret it – promise! Thanks for reading our blog!

  3. Nice start to a gorgeous dinner. I have to hand it to you to wait long enough to snap a photo of these dishes. I’d have my face in there & the only shot would be the top of my head as I lick the plate.

    1. The entire dinner was just lovely! Our friend, Giovanni, always picks a great loval place for us to enjoy when we are there. Totally agreed – hard to keep my “lady like” manners when the dishes are so ready to be licked!! LOL!

      1. Oh? Is that not ladylike to lick your plate? I thought it was a sign of being pleased with the meal…guess I’ll have to alter my habits.

      2. No need to alter…I’ll just have to mention your name when I lick my plate clean next time!!!

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