Beautiful Stresa, Italy

Stresa - Hotel Statue FaceSince work had me traveling to places near and far since May, the Hubby and I missed out on celebrating our birthdays, and our anniversary together…so, what’s a girl to do when work is wrapped up in October?

Why, yes – go on “Spring Break”!

Who cares if it is October, as long as Spring Break is celebrated in Italy, right?


So, off we went to Milan and the Lago Maggiore area to the lovely lakeside town of Stresa .

Located less than an hour from the Malpensa airport by train, the trip could not have been easier.

Checking into our hotel, La Luna nel Porto, we were surprised and delighted to be upgraded to a room with a small kitchen, living room, and super large balcony overlooking the lake.

Stresa - Hotel Bldg

Stresa - Hotel Sign

Stresa - Hotel View from bedroom

Does “Spring Break” get any better than this?  The weather was perfect – sunny and mild both days we were there.

Stresa - Hotel Grounds

Just look at the views from our balcony – yes, that’s Switzerland over there across the lake. (You can take a train to Switzerland, then cruise back to Stresa by boat. It’s an all day affair, so that’s a “definite” for us to do next time.)

Stresa - Hotel View from room

Since the lake region is a major Summer tourist draw, we felt as if it was ours for the entire time, since most tourists had gone home for the season. Boy, they sure don’t know what they missed by not being there in October!

Stresa - Hotel View of lake

Now, please join us for breakfast – just a little something we picked up at the local market. Hope you enjoy breakfast and the view from the privacy of our patio.

Stresa - Hotel Bfast on patio



  1. Absolutely stunning – I have always been influenced by Ticino – a fusion of both Italy and Switzerland – those innocent looking rocky outcrops hide a never-ending array of amazing restaurants and they are all utterly wonderful. Great post. Thankyou. Oh, LOVED the digestive biscuits as part of the breakfast – almost as good as the view! Jai.

    1. Definitely a stunningly beautiful landscape – not enough time this trip to venture out past Stresa very far, so next time for sure! We picked up all of those yummy breakfast delights at the local Carrefour grocery…we so enjoy relaxing and making a little treat for ourselves whenever we can while traveling. Thanks for stopping by! Susan

  2. JoAnn Cauthen · · Reply

    Always a delight to hear of your Italian experiences!! We will enjoy your new Blog. Love,Mama C and Papa C!!! 🙂

    1. Thanks for your support, Mama DOOOO!!! It’s fun to write about our adventures, and share with the world “out there”! Tell Papa C “hello” and Happy Turkey Day! LOL!

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