Welcome to “Come Follow Me To Italy”

Sometimes, a thought comes to you in the craziest of ways. Funny, that thought happened over breakfast for one (that would be me!) at the local Chick Filet “restaurant” at approximately 10:30 a.m. one day last week.

Was it the aroma of freshly baked biscuits? Or the rush from the sweet tea? Perhaps it was the combo.

Scuola - Kneeding Dough

So, today is the monumental day to start writing a separate blog about our adventures in Italy.

Italy - boats

After writing “Our Kitchen Inventions” blog for a little over 2 years, it became apparent that I was we were straying away from the blog’s original intent: sharing our personal in-house kitchen creations and adventures. BUT it soon became obvious (over one said breakfast…2 years later…) that it was indeed time to separate our Italy love from our love of cooking inventions. So……

italy - coast

Without further ado, we – the proud new second “blog” parents – welcome you to “Come Follow Me To Italy“, where we will try our best to focus on sharing our journeys and cravings for Italy with those of you in the blog-o-sphere who might be interested in hearing about and viewing evidence of our ongoing adventures.

Italy - police

Viva Italia, for sure!

Ciao and please send us your comments if there is something specific you’d like to hear about. Grazie!



  1. […] hoping you will take a look here at the new blog, and offer feedback (and hopefully, you will subscribe to follow) so that we can include items […]

  2. Wonderful idea and I am so impressed with the photography! There is just so much to cover about Italy that its a perfect area to write about something that you love so much.

    1. Thanks so much for checking it out. It just really made sense to seperate the two, and try to continue to showcase some of our adventures in two different ways! That Hubby really is an asset to this darn blog world of ours…he really makes it easy to write “stuff” ’cause of his works!

  3. Yippee! Are you there right now walking around Lucca while I am home working and dreaming of Italy?!

    1. Yes, indeedy! We just got home late yesterday afternoon, and it was perfect (except for one day of rain in Milan). FREEZING cold in Lucca and Pisa, then 55 degrees in Rome. We must get to Italy together one day. Got to have lunch with Debra from Bagna di Lucca while there, then she and her friend, Mo, met us in Florence for a visit. Such fun!

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