Florence, Italy will steal your heart – in so many ways! One of those ways is the familiarity of people that we’ve been so lucky to meet, and thus become friends with, over our years of visiting. Included among those friends are the family at Trattoria Roberto, one of our favorite dinner spots. Here’s the […]

Hungry for a bit of meat?…..When you crave a thick, perfectly cooked Bistecca, and just happen to be in Lucca, Italy, stop by Rusticanella 2 for dinner. Mention that you know “The Paparazzo” and you are ensured of getting a great seat in the house – enjoy!!

When a picture is worth a thousand words, why even type a word? Right? So here’s to each of you in hopes you’ve had a happy Monday! If so, (or if not…), go grab a glass of wine and make a toast – to tomorrow… Surely it’s 5 o’clock somewhere…Cheers! (Photo taken at Trattoria Da Leo […]

Always the small things that make us stop, stare, savor, and wish for more days just like this one – in Fiesole, Italy. Beauty in small doses, indeed.

How about a peek at some of the delightful dishes served in one of our favorite little lunch spots in Florence, Italy? Delighted to share just one of the reasons we never can get enough of Italy – the food, the wine, the friends….If only we had this “fast food” as a lunch option during the work week […]

What do you get when you combine 3 different varieties of squash with butter and cheese? A winter squash gratin that tempts you to eat it all alone….not. share. one. single. bite…….But I digress. Here’s the scoop. My blogger friend, Marie, over at Proud Italian Cook blog, posted this recipe for Butternut, Delicata, and Acorn Squash Gratin […]

First off – let me state a fact: If you can’t find something from Conti Tuscany Flavours (here’s their Facebook Page) to pack in your suitcase by which to remember Florence, Italy…well my dears, there is no shopping hope for you! I’m just saying…bring on the bubble wrap and let’s go browsing! Located close to Mercato Centrale (home of the Conti […]

Sometimes, the simplest of items make the best dish. Take this for example… Simple ingredients allowed to do what they do best – that is: entice us to eat a small sampling to get our tummies ready for dinner! And this sure fit the bill, when our friends joined us to cook out. Juicy, ripe […]

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Need I say more? Hope the pictures are worth a thousand words…….

Why, hello, everyone! Yes, it’s been a while…sure hope this was worth the wait! Last time we met, we were just about to lick our plates finish our dinner at Black Bar and Restaurant at the StarHotels – Anderson in Milan, Italy. (In case you missed it, click here for the post.) Yes, I know….I left you hanging […]